Spa boutique hotel - new perspective


spa boutique hotel in Tel Aviv can give you an added value and retrospective for leisure time.


In the heart of the city of Tel Aviv - the city that never sleep in the most vivid place you can find quite. Tel Aviv spa boutique hotel provide you the most chill out experience in the most dynamic city in the country.


The special designs of the seating corners surrounding by bookshelves
full of books, the special design, the classic rooms and indulgent spa provide a once in a lifetime opportunity to take a breather through the never ending race of work, kids, and reality.


Brown boutique hotel and its staff share with you who it is important to find the special moments, to get proportion and to celebrate in the original atmosphere.



Tel Aviv boutique hotel - quality like no other

Most of our days consist of a lot of information that goes through our mind , we here the news, check our social media account, facebook account, we are watching tv, meeting a lot of people and talk endlessly on the phone.


Sometimes we got the urge to slow down out life pace, to filter all the information that goes through and to take a break from our possessive everyday life. In this precious moments, we don't need much, especially a relaxed environment which will be different from what we were accustom to in our everyday life.


Tel Aviv spa hotel - boutique hotel has those characterizes, the hotel is designed in a very special way, including spa treatment and surrounding by a bird-eye view of the city.


Spa Boutique hotel - Standing on the world rooftop.


When you look at something from a distance you can see different and new things, the distance creates the new perspective in life, Tel Aviv boutique hotel Brown hotel rooftop fill with nice comfortable chairs, an accessible rounded jacuzzi, rich flora and especially a place for a good rest and great view on the city from a distance.


Watching the city from a distance give us the opportunity to get a new perspective on life and what's important, see the people we like in a new light and return with a new energy.


Hotel private events 


There are another unique trait of Tel Aviv boutique hotel spa, Tel Aviv boutique hotel provide open design spaces and a unique atmosphere to hold private events. There is no shortage of reasons for a family, social or business events.


There is a trend for cocktail parties or board meeting to be held not in the traditional places such as conference rooms or at office meeting hall but in the hotel or in the hotel rooftop which added more energy to the gathering and the participants.


The authentic Tel Aviv boutique hotel creates an atmosphere of closeness and curiosity around all the events participants. everybody feel like someone important and it gives them the motivation to cherish the family ties or to do the work as part of the team

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