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The real city of Tel Aviv is somewhat of a mystery, even locals only know certain popular of the sight and scene of Tel Aviv. Most people associate the city of Tel Aviv with leisure, a place to work and live and for making business because most of the business pulse of Israel can be found in Tel Aviv.

Only a few people know that Tel Aviv is a great touring place. Brown hotel, Tel Aviv most luxuries boutique hotel who is located at the heart of “Neva Tzadak” can a great starting place for your desired tour to hold and behold and all the sites and scene and to get to know to city as the palm of your hand and finish the day with a lovely and luxuries place call Hotel Brown Boutique hotel.

So what is best places in the city that never sleep, there is no shortage of crazy beautiful places, in the following lines will bring you a little taste of places that you wouldn’t have known.


Yitzhak Rabin Center

Heritage is one of the most important value we can leave to our kids and it is a good idea to know the history and the heritage beforehand.

Although Israel exists only short time compare to the western world she holds more than its share of historic events, these historic events were associated with the great personality that shapes the country as we know to love.

David ben Gurion, Yitzhak Sada, Zeev Jabotinsky and Yitzhak Rabin which forever be connected to the peace process, but Rabin did so much more for the country and end is life in a tragic murder committed by a Jew.


Many people still think that if the murder wasn’t committed the Israel’s society was acting differently. Yitzhak Rabin Center is located in Levon ST. in Tel Aviv highlight is life story and heritage alongside Israel heritage.


Beit Hatfutsot

Tel Aviv boutique hotel in neva Tzadak is located in the center location in the city with and ease accessibility of public transports. There is a variety of transport lines that go from the hotel to the northern Tel Aviv neighbored and all of the scenery and sites in the specific area.

Alongside Yitzhak Rabin Center you can find the Beit Hatfutsot place who tell the story of the Jews people throughout the generations by exhibitions which often changes from time to time. In addition, there is certain reserve – one of the most illustrious it is an exhibition who illustrate the Jews’ families’ genealogy


The information boardwalk


We can continue touring the city to the information boardwalk empire which stretched throughout 800 meters and connects the railways station to the Tel Aviv University. The boardwalk provides great outlook on Tel Aviv and all the propriety between the northern east of gosh dan area throughout Shumron mountain.

You can finish the day in hanamal mitham with a great dinner on the beach and after you fell satisfied going back to the luxurious room of Tel Aviv boutique hotel

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