boutique hotels in Tel Aviv for the perfect vacation 


come join us in the best boutique in Tel Aviv area 


Vacation is usually a good thing but most of the common hotel in Israel and in the world are so crowded and loud. most of the people can go along with this scenery but there are certain people that prefer a boutique style hotel and not a big corporate hotels chain.


This is exactly where brown boutique hotel - boutique hotels in Tel Aviv come to your rescue, the staff of brown hotel boutique hotel can show you and tell you what make a hotel to a boutique hotel. and more so how this can profitable as well.

 and without needing to drive so far and even not spending so much money.


boutique hotels in Tel Aviv - Meaning 

The word boutique is originally taken from france, the meaning of the word is a store who specialised in unique items without mass production, the term is used nowadays to his boarder term as a way to describe a unique hotel or any other unique event or a place of leisure like restaurants and not mundane chain hotel that every room looks the same.


boutique hotels are usually can be found in the city center, it is usually a small hotel with fewer rooms usually ten to fifteen rooms, but every room is unique and the design is amazing, there aren't any identical rooms. The design is well rounded, the accessories level is off the chart and the accommodation is the highest level.


boutique hotels in Tel Aviv designed for people who like to have a quite vacation but don't want to give up the luxury of the vacation and want to be a the center of attention right at the city of Tel Aviv where he can go to so many great places to drink eat and celebrate life.


So how everything starts ?


The first boutique hotels were designed at the 80s in Europe and in northern America and were seen as elitist hotels which only the very rich could attend to. these boutique hotels were designed for the rich people who was looking for a vacation but with a different twist.


those rich people didn't want to be seen with the common people, but today it's a different story, boutique hotels and especially in Tel Aviv are for everyone and not only for the rich people but although the client base has changed throughout the years the they provide a unique experience for everyone.


The indulgence


boutique hotels offer indulgence experience in a very tight European level. The atmosphere in these hotels is calm and relaxing and the privacy of the guests is saved in full in spite the intimate family feeling that created because of their size.


In most boutique hotels you can find a restaurant which served the guests and even open to the common crowd outside of the hotel. you can also find spa, bar, pool, jacuzzi in the spa or in the room itself.


because there are fewer guests compare to a regular hotel the level of service is usually higher and there is more attention to the guests needs and there is a special bond from the staff which is more personal.


The Atmosphere


The atmosphere is entirely different from a regular hotel, there is no shouting, no kids sounds only warm and family atmosphere, in certain boutique hotels there is sometimes age level restriction.


But rest assure you are not going to be board in the brown boutique hotel even for one second, in the hotel you can find rooftop bar, event lounge which holds different events, conference rooms and much more so sometimes the perfect vacation can be without leaving the hotel at all.

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